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Hello! I'm Himani

A Product Designer based in Apex, North Carolina.

Crafting experiences that seamlessly blend functionality and empathy is my passion. Through human-centered design, I strive to tackle challenges, foster connections, and leave a lasting impact on the relationship between people and the products they cherish.

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I am Himani, a product designer from Raleigh.

I  started my professional career as a graphic designer, after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing, and shortly after getting a certification in Print Media, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics I entered the world of broadcast.

During my career, I have worked for leading broadcasters around the world as a real-time broadcast designer. I started working as a Designer for a broadcasting graphics company called Wasp3d, then went on to become a Product Specialist. As a product specialist, working on several projects that had me work directly with clients, understanding their needs, and coming up with solutions in form of product features, I discovered my passion for product designing.

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